Brands Are Tapping Into The Creators Market Through Eikyo Marketplace

Most creators marketplace platforms require creators to have a minimum of around 5000 to 10000+ followers. At Eikyō.me, we understand the value of starting up. We know that the engagement from Pico-Nano creators is not something that should be ignored.

Nano creators have a 7.2% engagement traction compared to Mega, which have 1.1%. How can we overlook this?

The benefits of using Eikyō creator marketplace platform helps creators to do what they do best; create, promote and sell. The platform allows negations which are safe from fraud and more secure. Stops creators from getting ripped off for legitimate work they provide brands. They will learn new skills like negations and time management: learning requirements and fulfilling client’s needs. Brands have difficulty in finding creators. They can spend time and money searching, which most businesses do not have, and risking creators pulling out of deals. Brands are shifting to work more with Pico-Nano creators and will have up to 10-30 working on campaigns at a time. Eikyō creator’s marketplace platform allows you to have them all together. They are making and running campaigns more efficient. 

Using Eikyo helps you save lots of time. Brands have stressed that trying to find creators (influencers) is time-consuming and challenging. Using the platform enables you to see the different types of creators available and levels; this helps you search through millions with ease. You can also search by keywords which are relevant to your brands. Not just the search is vital to Brands but also seeing your data and keeping up to date. The results of your ROI can be viewed and examined in charts. It can keep you in the know; which creator’s advertisements are working and which ones are not. The platform also allows you to stop and pause when you feel like the advertisement campaign is not working or worth carrying on. No more logging in and out of systems trying to track your data it’s all in one place. You can see how each campaign is performing through impressions and engagements. 


No more paying other agencies the data is there for you to read and see yourselves. Usually, you would need quite a few staff managing and tracking your creator’s data. That is not too bad when there is a few or even up to 10. But when you’re working with 15 and more, how do you keep up and keep track? It will put strains on your team, time and effort. Using Eikyo helps you scale more quickly. 

Finding talent is more tranquil.

It can be challenging for brands to find the right creator, but it can be time-consuming to vet them all. You can get lots of creators applying for your campaign, but how do you know which is the right one? The platform keeps track of all creators with our patented Influencer Ranking Algorithm (IRA). The IRA software keeps track of our creators on the site to catch people with fake accounts. It proves that the data we collect is accurate, and we rate the creators based on data we collect on them. The feedback with working with brands is public and rated. The search can be reduced down on performance, demographics. Creators can send their profiles to Brands to look for opportunities to collaborate. You can also put out bids for creators to bid on campaigns you need fulfilling.

Up to date data

As a creator’s campaign can change weekly, Eikyō keeps track of them in real-time. We keep updated data on their social networks through the weekdays and weekends. It helps keep the data recorded relevant and up to date. It also enables you to keep track of rising stars. You can predict who will be growing within the next 6-12 months, and you can reach out to them for future campaigns. 

Stay ahead of competition

Your competitors will be using a creator’s platform if not already, it will be soon. It is crucial to stay ahead of your competitors in this hyper-competitive market, which is surging 2-fold. According to the Association of Nation Advertisers survey, 75% of marketers are using creators as a part of their marketing strategy.


The percentage of how many people trust online advertisements has fallen. Only 7% of people that took the survey suggested that they believed the source of the ad. Nano and Pico creators have real one to one connections with their followers. Their followers have trust in what they are promoting to them; this way is best to get your brands awareness across. Most platforms do commit surveys, and 92% of customers from the platforms trust the recommendations given by the creators.

Relevant Content

We know as part of your marketing strategies is to use your in-house team or external companies to generate content. As part of the marketing campaign creating visual advertisements is a must, attracting and keeping clients. All Brands want to go viral and try to hire the creators to do so. Brands that have managed to go viral have seen ROI so high some could not keep up with demand. Only creators can understand how and what makes great content. They live, work and breath this lifestyle. Your chances of getting noticed by a standard advert you put out to a content creators posting are no comparison.


Collaborating with creators helps push out your Brands message; it can be through blog posts or mentions in articles. It can also give you relevant backlinks to your website, which will push up your SEO data.


According to an Influencer Marketing Hub survey, 64% of respondents said they had experienced creator’s fraud that’s 2/3. Eikyō does not take everything at face value, Eikyō built-in KYC engine helps rank and build trust between brands and creators. The Influencer Ranking Algorithm (IRA) engine helps determine the real reach of an influencer by checking the number of real followers and how engaging their followers are. IRA has an embedded 6-Degrees of Separation deep learning system to determine the creators’ relationship with their social entourage.


As time is passing, we can see that Eikyō is adapting to their clientele needs. With security and fraud being a rising concern. The patented IRA helps secure and keep the platform a safer place to interact and concentrate on your marketing. We cannot ignore the fact that Nano and Pico creators have a significant impact on their followers which leads to generous ROI, awareness. We can safely say that less is more in this case.

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