Brands are now paying more attention to Nano and Pico creators and influencers

 Why use Nano creators?

There has been a massive shift in using Nano and even Pico creators (influencers). Brands realised that not all influence was from just micro and above.

Lately, brands have noticed another shift to Nano, why? People assume that the larger the following, the more impact and the higher the ROI and engagements. This is not so. Nano creators have 7.2% more engagements than mega creators who by the way only get around 1.1% interactions.

How is this so? How can a creator with lower followers get more engagement?

Nano Creators

Nano creators are people who have around 1,000 to 5,000 followers. Pico Creators are people who have under 1,000 followers.

This does not stop them, nor are they deterred by the mega creators and celebrities. These creators understand that they have power in what they are promoting. Larger brands began collaborating with these smaller creators. The myth was that to be a recognised creator,  you needed to have a big following of about 25,000 followers minimum. This is no longer the case.

Hierarchy of creators

Nano Engagement

Nano creators have a tight bond with their audience. They have gained the trust of their followers and even have strong links such as one to one communication. This builds up a tremendous trust between the creator and the brand. When engagement is in progress, they will make sure every question is answered, not by a bot but a real human meaningful conversation. Their followers really get to know the creator and vice versa.

They have a much high engagement because of the time and commitment they put in. The influencers’ amiability gives them a considerable advantage when they want to promote brands, as their followers have the utmost trust, therefore, making them more receptive. Recent research by (Influencer Marketing Hub) has shown that Nano creators have 7.2% more engagement than that of a mega creator who only sees 1.1% engagement.  The relationship with the followers creates a ripple effect where followers turn into brand ambassadors.

Chart data by Influencermarketinghub

Peoples trust

Studies show that people will put trust with people who engage with them. It also shows that we ask our friends family and small online groups for recommendations. More than following what a celebrity recommends. The reason Nano creators have a considerable influence on their followers is that they are fussy about the brand product or service they are promoting. They do not just run after the money. They want to make sure what they are selling is worth it for their loyal followers. It is not any product/service will do if they pay. They do care about their followers, it is not just ROI that matters. So be honoured that Nano decides to collaborate with you.


Nano-Pico creators know how their content is best posted out to their buyers. As most of the things they are promoting are niche category. This does give more flexibility in promoting your goods and or services. This can be used as a great tester to see how consumers will react to your new product or service. They can get real, honest feedback. 

Why Collaborate?

Collaborating with Nano creators from the beginning can have a significant impact over your competitors. As they are small when you work with them, you might even be their first brand to advertise on their social platforms, hence giving you more exposure. Remember to be flexible, they are probably new to marketing and tips and advice is very much accepted as trust is built. Like we said before they are flexible, but they do understand their followers better than you, so do not try to be so rigid with your terms. You do not want them to lose followers as your requirement is too static, let them be them.


ROI using Nano Creators

For the price paid for micro creators and higher, you can get 10-fold with Nano and Pico creators. Just think about how these creators will grow into micro as they are endorsing your products or services, and the followers that rise with them. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, for every 0.78p that brands spend on influencers, they are getting an ROI of £4.50 that’s a profit of £3.72.

What do the Nano creators want in return?

Not all nano influencers accept money for promotion as most, just under 50%, would accept gifts, freebies or samples. This gives them new content and also gets your product or services promoted. Making pico and nano creators brand ambassadors will help to create awareness for your brand and grow with them. Do not forget to use your chosen nano creator content across your own social media platforms.

Growth in promoting your brand with larger creators is near impossible. You will be drowned out with brands with larger budgets, and the creators will not necessarily be putting more time and effort into the content. With nano creators, you can scale up and grow with them. Maximising your marketing output. With that said, there is always a risk involved with working with Nano creators.

Influencer Gifting

Read more on Influencer gifting here (

Challenges with Nano creators

Nano creators are well informed about getting noticed, and they have tight network groups which are called comment pods. These groups support each other across all social networks and mobile communications such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Every time a member posts something new, each member will go like, comment, share to increase impressions and engagement. This can distort the data of how many people like and comment on the product or service provided. As stated earlier, the lack of knowledge can be a challenge. Not all of the nano creators want contracts they can be put off by this. Some also do not like the pressure of having to meet tasks and targets. You also have your brands identity and the message you want potential customers to see. Getting the nano creator to understand your brand’s message and make sure points are not missed can lead to problems. Do not let that put you off as most are willing to work with brands and learn new ways and skill. It also helps them grow and become better marketers in their chosen field and more trustworthy to their followers. The more brands they get to endorse, the more competent they become leading to more followers.


More companies are looking to collaborate with nano creators with their marketing strategies in 2020 (63% intend to increase their influencer marketing budget over this year). Most brands prefer to have the creators in-house (meaning exclusively work for that company, around 77%). If not, they will get the Nano creator to become a brand ambassador.  Brands are also looking at Pico creators and growing them in-house. The reason is control, they can mould the Pico creator to their brands’ vision. Nano creators have dedicated followers, unique content, high engagement, low costs, high ROI. Whichever you choose to adopt having a Nano creator in your marketing strategy is a win, win outcome.

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