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What is Eikyō Social Influencer Platform (ESIP)

Eikyō is the simplest way to connect brands with influencers. The platform is marketplace where advertisers can talk directly with social influencers about marketing campaigns and where influencers are in charge of their projects. Brands can track real-time statistics of their campaigns. No need to worry about; fake likes, fake clicks and fake views as our influences rankings algorithm (IRA) will seek out and remove bots, so no more money spent on wasteful campaigns but a direct message with their list of loyal friends and followers.

Smart Dispute Resolutions

KYC Checks

Instant Payment

AI Powered Matching

Influencer Ranking Algorithm (IRA)

Not to take everything at face value, Eikyō built-in KYC engine helps rank build trust between brands and influencers. The Influencer Ranking Algorithm engine helps determine the real reach of an influencer by checking the number of real followers and how active their followers are. IRA has an embedded 6-Degrees of Separation deep learning system to determine influencers relationship with their social entourage. In simple terms, if an influencer's profile on Eikyō has 6k followers, for say Twitter, you can be reassured that he/she has 6k real followers on the social platform.

Why Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technology?

Blockchain is technology that permits unknown parties to transact together in trusted secured manner. Smart contract helps enforce that contract terms are met and registered in the Blockchain ledger. Dispute can be resolved automatically by smart contract.

Eikyō Token

The Eikyō token will be used as payment form on the platform. This allow payment transaction to be completed in seconds instead of hours or days like on other platforms. Brands will purchase tokens and influencers will charge their services in the token. Eikyō token is effectively the currency of choice to conduct business on the platform. There will be a currency convertor for Eikyō tokens to Ethers.


Eikyō was founded by Ruth Nene, a digital influencer with more than 10 years digital marketing experience, Armel Nene who has over 15 years experience in building secured scalable software for governments, finance and many other industries.

Ruth Nene

Founder - CEO - Marketing

Armel Nene

Chief Software Architect

Dr. Antonio Selari

AI and Data Sciences

Joe Hajas

Lead Software Developer

Adebayo Dada

Lead Front End Developer

Aravind Sreeram

Solutions Architect

Kubilay Tsilkara

Data Architect

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